7th Workshop PSR/CanalEnergia – Reform of the power sector: repairing the ship on high sea

Workshop – 08.03.2017

The Oxford Dictionary's year word for 2012 has much to do with what happened in the electrical sector that year: omnishambles, a result of the combination of the Latin word omni (all, complete) and shambles, meaning disorder, mess. The main consequences of this disorder were the various injunctions that prevented liquidation in the CCEE, short-term market prices that do not reflect reality, constant delays and withdrawals from projects already auctioned, high tariffs, poor quality of services, plethora of subsidies and exemptions, as well as difficulties in adapting the system to new production technologies. This list justifies a profound change in the regulatory framework of the sector, seeking to improve and solve these issues. The objective of the 7th Workshop PSR / CanalEnergia is to discuss the challenges and paths to the necessary improvements and present proposals for this new sectoral framework. To see the site of the Workshop, go here.