PSR and Canal Energia held their 9th workshop: New regulatory framework of the Brazilian electric sector

Workshop – 05.04.2018

On March 23, 2018, the 9th edition of PSR/Canal Energia Workshop was held in Rio de Janeiro, where the main proposals of the new regulatory framework for the Brazilian electric sector were presented and discussed, for about 170 people. The main objective of the workshop was to detail and clarify the points about the law project that will be presented to the National Congress about the changes in the electric sector. In addition, there was a discussion about details that have not yet been contemplated or clarified in the law project, but that are important for a successful reform. The main topics mentioned at the event were: (i) the previous reforms and the legacies left behind by them, the detail of the law projects that make up the current reform and the importance of sector participation in these decisions; (ii) sustainability for opening the free market, including the mechanism of ballast and energy separation, the financing of the generation expansion and the internalization of costs related to environmental impacts; (iii) modernization of the Brazilian electricity sector, mentioning issues of improvement in prices and tariffs formation, risk allocation among market players and improvement of the energy reallocation mechanism (MRE); and (iv) sector perspectives on the reforms, related to security of supply, market prices and trading aspects.