PSR has been a global provider of technological solutions and consulting services in the areas of electricity and natural gas (E&G) since 1987. Our main areas of activity are:

a) development of decision support tools for E&G markets, ranging from fully deregulated to emerging countries undergoing reform / transition. The tools include, among others:

  • integrated resource expansion planning (E&G production capacity, transmission network and gas pipelines);
  • stochastic scheduling of integrated E&G systems, including thermal generation, hydropower and other renewables such as wind and biomass and taking into account fuel supply constraints, the transmission grid, the gas pipeline network and price-responsive loads;
  • optimal dispatch / bidding strategies for short-term power markets (day-ahead, balancing etc.) with interfaces to real-time dispatch centers;
  • dynamic management of physical-financial energy portfolios;
  • agent-based simulation of auctions for electricity supply contracts;

b) integrated economic/financial/regulatory studies, such as:

  • investment analysis of E&G projects and regional interconnections;
  • multi-company and multi-country asset valuation;
  • capacity and network expansion planning studies;
  • E&G market/regulatory restructuring;
  • strategic advice to investors and investment funds;
  • integrated environmental and energy analysis for the development of river systems;

PSR has clients in more than sixty countries in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our client base includes E&G investors; regulators and other government agencies; dispatch centers / ISO's; banks and development agencies such as the World Bank and IADB.

We have a multidisciplinary team of about a hundred experts in the fields of energy economics, E&G systems modeling, electric power generation and transmission studies, environmental analysis, economic-financial studies, regulation, hydrology, statistics, and stochastic optimization. We develop customized solutions in close cooperation with the client's technical and IT groups. Our analytical and technological developments draw extensively from our in-house R&D (most of PSR staff are active contributors to international journals and workshops) and from a worldwide network of strategic partners in the E&G, financial, environmental and systems development areas.