Issue 177 • September 2021



In this editorial, we update the estimates for risk and severity of energy rationings; and for risk, severity, and frequency of supply interruptions during peak hours. This update follows the same methodology as previous reports and considers the following factors: (a) storage conditions in early October; (b) probabilistic inflow and renewable production scenarios for the months of October and November; and (c) generation supply, demand, and exchange capacity between regions.


In this section, we comment on (i) some controversial points in the regulation of the Capacity Reserve Auction; and (ii) the opinion of the Provisional Measure of CREG, which brings new (old) tortoises, in addition to other relevant topics.


This month's international section briefly discusses the current international energy crisis and its main reasons.


In this section, we comment on storage technologies and the launch of the Energy Vault (EV) company, which will apply a technology in Brazil to modulate the variability of wind production in the Northeast region.

Publicado electrónicamente desde 2006, el Energy Report es un boletín mensual desarrollado por PSR cuyo principal objetivo es presentar un análisis completo y actual de las cuestiones reglamentarias, legales, los recursos hídricos y el medio ambiente y la oferta del sector eléctrico en Brasil.