PSR ENERGY REPORT is a monthly electronic newsletter developed by PSR. Its main objective is to describe and analyze the electricity sector in Brazil and in the Southern Cone. Every edition presents relevant topics and discloses PSR’s view on the selected subjects. PSR is responsible for all opinions expressed in its ENERGY REPORT.

The access to PSR ENERGY REPORT is restricted and the subscriber ought to register in PSR’s Services Portal. For the duration of the 12-month subscription, whenever a new edition is published, the registered readers will be notified via email. Subscribers logged on to PSR’s Portal will be able to download the current edition, as well as all past editions, permanently made available in PSR’s Portal. Questions about the subscription conditions can be sent to PSR at

The annual cost of the subscription to PSR ENERGY REPORT is 5 350.00 BRL (five thousand, three hundred and fifty Brazilian reais, to be paid in US dollars following the exchange rate at the date the invoice is completed), all taxes included. The subscription cost should be made through a single payment, by bank transfer.