Issue 125 • May 2017

Variability of Short-Term Price: Natural or Amplified?


In this section we analyze how much of the PLD variation is due to the natural variability of water flows, and how much is a "noise" caused by the current pricing methodology.


In this section we discuss the following topics: (i) reserve energy contract canceling; (Ii) auctioning of hydroelectric plants concessions; (Iii) republication of PLD; and (iv) DST.


This edition discusses extra costs and delays in energy megaprojects, particularly large size hydroelectric projects. It is questioned whether to continue or not to build large hydroelectric projects.


In this issue, we discuss two blocks of major changes for a likely evolution of the sector: digitalization and internet of things on the one hand, and on the other, decentralized transactions and blockchain.


This edition features the updated balance of energy demand and structural supply for the coming years, including our traditional delay meter.

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