Issue 133 • January 2018

Waiting For Godot - And A Solution For GSF ...


In this editorial a recapitulation is made of (1) the reasons for creating the MRE and (2) the measures proposed by the government, through Public Consultation (CP) 33, to restore the hydrological risk management. Next, some mechanisms for managing these risks - that the government does not yet consider in its package of measures proposed in CP 33 - are identified and proposed.


In this issue we comment on (1) the choice of new ANEEL directors; and (2) the regulation for granting generation concessions associated with privatization.


In this edition, we address the subject of extreme drought events in the environment and the lack of hydroelectric plants reservoirs in Brazil. The causes of these events and the explanations for the longterm variation in the flows of river basins are presented.


Exceptionally, this issue of Energy Report will not include the International and Supply sections.

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