Issue 135 • March 2018

How Much Each Energy Generation Source Really Costs?


In this editorial we address the subject of identification of the different attributes of generation sources. These attributes are used to quantify the actual costs and benefits of each source. We present the identification methodology and some preliminary results of this quantification, which are part of a study PSR is conducting for Escolhas Institute, together with EPE.


In this issue we return to two topics that we commented two issues earlier: (1) the choice of ANEEL new directors; and (2) the rules for granting a generation concession associated with privatization. In addition, we comment on the guidelines for the A-6 auction of 2018.


In this issue, we discuss hydraulic security, related in particular to climate change, which is one of the major concerns of Brazil and one of the topics highlighted in the recent World Water Forum. We analyze the case of the São Francisco River basin, which since 2013 faces adverse conditions, impacting the storage levels of the reservoirs located in that basin.


Exceptionally, there will be no International section in this Energy Report issue.


This issue features the updated balance of energy demand and structural supply for the coming years, including our traditional delay meter.

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