Issue 137 • May 2018

Queen Victoria And The Quantity Contract For Wind Plants


The theme of this article is about the new proposal of quantity contract for wind farms in Brazil, which suggests that the contract follows the generation profile of the plant, which can affect the signs of efficient contracting of generation in the auctions and hinder the consumers.


In this edition, we comment: (i) the Public Hearing no. 23 of Aneel; (ii) bill no. 10.332; (iii) bill no. 1.917/2015; (iv) the Public Hearing no. 26 of Aneel; (v) finally, Ordinance 455 is canceled; and (vi) the new treatment to be given to the financial surplus in the Short-Term Market.


In this section, we comment the situation of the transmission project between Manaus and Boa Vista, which faces difficulties in the environmental licensing since it is located in indigenous lands, and we make a comparison with other projects that went through the same problem, but ended up successful.


The theme of this section is about the capacity auctions of one of the largest retail electricity markets in the world, PJM of the United States, and the reasons behind the significant increase of prices of the last auction taken place.


This edition presents the updated balance of energy demand and structural supply to the next years, including our traditional delay meter.

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