Issue 144 • December 2018

Looking Back To Move On: The Market Opening Ordinance, The Incentivized Energy And The “Cp” 33


In this editorial we analyze the recent ministerial ordinance regarding the energy market opening and its relationship with CP 33. We also analyzed the green energy certificates’ mechanism implemented in the Mexican market, which goes as an example for the improvement of the Brazilian Electricity Sector.


In the regulatory section of this month we invited Sylvie D'Apote from Prysma E&T to write an article about the Decree of Gas published in December, which rescues some points of “Gas to Grow”. We also commented on some measures published in December before the government change.


In this issue, we make an analysis about the electrification of buses for urban transportation in Brazil using Chile’s case as a reference, where the government delivered a fleet of electric buses that will operate in important areas of Santiago.


The international section analyzes the new energy auction program announced by Colombia, which the first edition will happen in February 2019.


This edition presents the updated balance of demand and structural supply of energy for the next years, including our traditional Delay Meter.

Electronically published since 2006, the PSR Energy Report is a monthly newsletter developed by PSR, whose main objective is to present a comprehensive and current analysis of regulatory, legal issues, water resources and environment and supply of the electricity sector in Brazil.