Issue 195 • March 2023

Everything you ever wanted to know about the minimum PLD but were afraid to ask


The Opinion section of this issue of Energy Report adds to the debate on the calculation of the min-imum PLD, recovering the history of its creation and proposing a structural solution from 2024 on-wards


In this section, PSR comments in detail on changes to the CDE budget. It also addresses the topics: energy export, RAP and appointment of the Executive Secretary of the MME.


After a long dry spell in California, winter floods are seen as an opportunity to regain the level in the groundwater.


This month's ESG section addresses Brazil's potential in the biomethane sector, its advantages, and some current obstacles.


In the international section, we address the sale of Iberdrola's assets in Mexico, whose control will be taken by the state-owned CFE, in a nationalization movement designed by the government.


Many influential tech people had extreme reactions of disdain or fear to ChatGPT-GPT-4. In this sec-tion we discuss a more balanced view of its opportunities and limitations.


It presents the updated balance of structural energy demand and supply for the coming years and our traditional delay meter.

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