Issue 62 • February 2012

The Imbroglio To Ban Reservoirs In Hydro Plants


In this issue, we argue that is not rational to eliminate fia priorifl hydroelectric projects with reservoirs in inventory studies. The right way is to quantify both the energy benefits of these plants and their environmental damages. This type of analysis should take into account the possibility of reducing the environmental impacts through operational restrictions. It is also necessary to have computing tools able to analyze automatically a large number of configurations.


Themes of this issue: (i) notice for A-3 auction of 2012; (ii) analysis of the results of the 3rd review of Coelce™s tariff; (iii) compensation to distribution utilities for consumers™ migration to connect to the Basic Grid; (iv) methodology for calculation and reimbursement of the subsidy to Low Income Con- sumers; (v) delay in the regulation of Angra 1 and 2 energy allocation; (vi) judicial discussion of the new rules for distribution utilities™ tariffs review; (vii) recognition of operating costs differences when combined-cycle thermal plants operate in open cycle; and (viii) delays in the construction of new transmission facilities.


This issue presents: (i) structural balance of energy; (ii) structural balance of peak (maximum hourly demand, in MW); (iii) delays in construction of new supply; and (iv) analysis of inflows in coming months.

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