Issue 63 • March 2012

Solar Energy: A New Source Emerges?


In this issue we analyze the prospects for the inclusion of solar energy in Brazil, a topic that has been widely discussed both by the government and the private sector. We attempt to answer important questions, such as: Which space would be filled by this technology in our energy matrix ? Could solar energy be competitive with other sources also renewable, such as biomass and Aeolian ?


Themes of this issue: (i) installation of additional capacity in hydro plants to reinforce the service to peak demand; (ii) postponement of the A-5 auction of 2012, with major changes in the auction; (iii) postponement of the A-3 auction of 2012 - and an important clarification in relation to its notice; (iv) a Provisional Measure allows Eletrobrás to operate in distribution; (v) an ANEEL ruling incorporates structural constraints inside sub-markets to the exchange limits for calculating the PLD; and (vi) (once again) the forecast of small plants production in the PMO.


The objectives of the Environmental section this month are: (i) to analyze the Interministerial (MMA/MME) Ordinance No. 421/2011, which aims to give more flexibility to environmental licensing processes for transmission lines; and (ii) assess the causes of the delays in the schedules of transmission facilities auctioned until 2011.


This section presents the energy structural balance of Brazil, considering: (i) methodology developed by PSR for the calculation of structural supply; (ii) incorporation of delays on the part of the supply; (iii) transmission restrictions; and (iv) reduction of the supply from fismall plantsfl.

Electronically published since 2006, the PSR Energy Report is a monthly newsletter developed by PSR, whose main objective is to present a comprehensive and current analysis of regulatory, legal issues, water resources and environment and supply of the electricity sector in Brazil.