Issue 72 • December 2012

Five shades of red: Topics that take away our sleep


In this issue and in the following, we discuss five topics that in our view require urgent addressing, under penalty of significant losses for consumers and for the electricity sector. The first one is the optimistic bias in input data and parameters of computer models for operational simulation, which leads to an inefficient operation, and causes the risk of rationing to be underestimated.


This section addresses the following issues: (i) public hearing on mini-generation and micro-generation (again), resulting in amendments to the original normative ruling; and (ii) public hearing on trading rules for 2013.


In this section we discuss environmental restrictions on the operation of hydroelectric plants, analyzing cases of several Brazilian hydro plants and solutions implemented.


This section presents an overview of electric energy supply in Brazil, through the structural balances of energy and peak developed by PSR.

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