Issue 77 • May 2013

Mahatma Ggandhi, microgeneration and CONFAZ


This editorial analyzes the finet meteringfl scheme introduced by ANEEL Ruling No.482 of 2012 for distributed micro-generation, and also the controversy over National Financial Policy Council (CONFAZ) recent ruling about ICMS collection on "light bills" in this case, and its implications for costs allocation among the various agents.


The regulatory topics of this issue are: (i) ANEEL proposes a new way of calculating TUST; (ii) one more Provisional Measure and one more decree; and (ii) once again CNPE Ruling No.3.


This section discusses the (anti)legality of CNPE Ruling No.3 and its impacts on electric energy trading.


The environmental section analyzes two topics: (i) in the light of the recent occupation of Belo Monte site by Mundurukus Indians, we evaluate the (lack of) relationship between this people and Belo Monte plant; and (ii) Integrated Environmental Assessment studies that have been conducted for PCHs inventories and their relevance.


In this section we present updated analyses of supply security, including energy and peak.

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