Issue 80 • August 2013

The National Security Agency imbroglio: Alerts for the electricity sector


With the publication of MME Ordinance No. 445/2012 last year, CCEE agents will be obliged to submit information on the value of negotiated contracts, for statistical purposes. However, a question should be raised about the security of this sensitive information provided by agents, which could fall into the wrong hands — especially in light of the recent espionage scandals involving the U.S. NSA. This ER contains a discussion of modern encryption technologies that can be studied for this application, ensuring confidentiality of data.


This section addresses these topics: (1) seasonalization of MRE, for the penultimate time (we hope); and (2) new way of calculating PLD.


The coordination of transmission lines planning, operation and maintenance remains a major challenge for the sector, as evidenced by the delays in connecting wind farms in Northeast region and by a recent fire that caused a blackout in the same region on last August 28. We bring here a discussion of this problem, from the points of view of investors and of government agencies.


In this section, we present updated analyses of supply security, including balances of energy (with and without friction factors) and of peak, prepared by PSR.

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