Issue 81 • September 2013

Should we worry about the transmission system ?


In this issue we analyze three questions: (i) is it possible to know if the performance of the transmission system is satisfactory ? (ii) would the N-2 planning criterion eliminate the recent blackouts?; and (iii) would corrective operative measures allow to increase the security of the transmission network ?


This section addresses the following topics: (i) one year of MP 579; (ii) further consequences of transmission delays; (iii) ESS will consider the N-S and SE-NE interconnections; (iv) changes in the calculation of physical guarantees of Aeolian and solar plants; and (v) changes in guidelines for the second A-5 auction.


This month's subject is the tangle of agencies, mandates and tasks involved in environmental licensing, which causes delays and worsens the quality of the licensing.


In this section, we present updated analyses of supply security, including energy and peak.

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