Issue 82 • October 2013

Will distribution utilities hit again financial bottom in 2014?


We examine in this issue the question of defining the opening price of the next 'existing energy' auction and its possible consequences, given the current context of high PLD and short duration of the contracts offered. If this auction fails for lack of supply, the possibility of a new financial crisis for distribution utilities in 2014 is identified.


This section covers the following topics: (1) public consultation on the Decennial Energy Expansion Plan; and (2) public hearing on new rules for energy contracting in the free market.


This month's theme is the proposal made in the recent Electricity Sector Environment Forum, of creating a fione-stop shopfl for managing environmental issues of the electricity sector projects.


In this section, we present an updated overview of electric energy supply in Brazil, through structural balances of energy (with and without friction factors) and of peak, developed by PSR.

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