Issue 88 • April 2014

Electricity sector post summer: the odyssey goes on?


This section shows the technical reasons for PSR suggesting a 6% preventive reduction in consumption and analyses the differences between PSR's results and the simulations made by the government.


The topics of this section are: (a) notice and Provisional Measure (MP) of the A0 auction; (b) 11.2 billion reais fundraising by CCEE; (c) regulation of MME Ordinance No.455; (d) guidelines for the A-5 auction of 2014; (e) attempt to change the allocation of System Services Charge; (f) further changes in trading rules; (g) new MP and new decrees; and (h) notice of A-3 auction of 2014.


In this issue we reflect on the Indian question and highlight a recent statement by the Minister Izabella Teixeira on hydroelectric plants reservoirs.


Here, Advocacia Waltenberg analyzes the (ab)use of Provisional Measures in the electricity sector.


39 We are proud to present the guest article, El Niño, the Savior? , by Climatempo.


This section has two novelties: (i) a new chart, fiDelay meterfl, comparing predicted and performed power generation works throughout the year; and (ii) an improved version of the physical guarantee balance, calculated with the CVaR official operating criterion and friction factors.

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