Issue 94 • October 2014

Is it worth having an hourly representation of operation?


This section analyzes the benefits of detailed probabilistic simulations (hourly intervals, full transmission network and joint scenarios of flows, renewable production, equipment failures and changes in demand) for the calculation of supply reliability, analysis of regulatory impacts and planning the integration of renewable sources.


In this section we comment on: (1) MP's actions against the grant of use of water resources by ANA (written by Jerson Kelman, former director general of ANA and ANEEL); (2) new floor and ceiling values of the PLD; and (3) public hearing on changes in old CCEARs by availability.


In this section we comment on the lack of coordinated planning in the various spheres of government and its consequences, as in the case of the mining project in Volta Grande [Big Bend] of Xingu River, affected by Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant


In this section, Advocacia Waltenberg analyzes the application of tariff flags from 2015.


This section features: (i) structural balance of energy; (ii) delays in construction of new supply for the horizon 2014-2018; and (iii) delay meter - monitoring the historical record of delays.

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