Issue 96 • December 2014

Conflict - Energy x other water uses: new round in 2015?


In this issue we look at energy and water management, which caused several controversies in 2014: (i) who determines the priority among the multiples uses of water; and (ii) how to calculate the minimum outflow requirements, storage etc. It will be seen that there are significant opportunities to improve this management in institutional, technical and methodological terms.


The topics in this issue are: (i) mandatory construction of locks (comments by Jerson Kelman); (ii) impact of the withdrawal of Treasury subsidies from 2015 tariffs; and (iii) commitments for 2014 (again) postponed; (iv) guidelines for A-5 and A-3 auctions of 2015.


In this issue, we analyze potential licensing problems of Tapajós River projects.


In this article, Advocacia Waltenberg analyzes the legal adequacy of the classification in Article 6, I, of ANEEL Ruling No. 63/2004, of irregularities identified by the inspection.


In this issue, we comment on the immediate and structural causes of the “preventive blackout” (or scheduled shutdown, as ONS prefers) on January 19.

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