Issue 97 • January 2015

Transmission segment: the prince turned into a frog?


The main topics of this section are: (i) the (lack of) reliability of the transmission system; and (ii) the apparent decline in the interest of investors for participating in transmission concessions auctions in recent years.


In this section we address the following topics: (1) the urgent and the important; (2) the explosion of the CDE quota for 2015; (3) the apportionment of the cost of the CDE; (4) the apportionment of the cost of thermal generation above the maximum PLD; (5) a decree amends the mechanism of tariff flags; the distribution of Itaipu; and... the apportionment of the cost of thermal generation above the maximum PLD discussed in the previous item (!); (6) public hearing on the application of tariff flags; and (7) what to do now ?


In this section we analyze the arguments of NGOs opposed to the construction of hydroelectric projects in the Amazon region.


This section features: (i) structural balance of energy; (ii) delays in the construction of new supply for the horizon 2015-2019; and (iii) delay meter – monitoring the historical record of delays.

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