Issue 99 • March 2015

General increase of energy tariffs ('tarifaço'): we have not yet reached rock bottom...


The purpose of this section is to show that, in addition to the 41% average tariff increase in the first quarter of 2015, there are still expenses of tens of billions reais yet to be transferred to consumers, such as Eletrobrás debt to Petrobras, indemnities for generation and transmission concessions, GSF* compensation and others. [*See footnote 5]


The topics of this section are: (i) auction for peak demand announced for 2016; and (ii) third reserve energy auction of 2015.


In this section we continue the analysis of the imbroglio between hydro plants and socioenvironmental requirements, focusing on the São Luiz do Tapajós hydro project.


This section features: (i) structural balance of energy; and (ii) delays in construction of new supply for the horizon 2015-2019.

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