Issue 98 • February 2015

The name of the rose (and of other things beginning with r...)


The purpose of this section is to analyze the government's statement that we are going through the worst water crisis of the last hundred years. It will be shown that the flow rates of the last three years and of the last two years were not particularly severe, and that the problem lies in the structural generation capacity.


In this section we deal with the demand statement for the 2015 auction of alternative sources.


The subject of this section is the set of engineering solutions for the Tapajós River project, which in our view does not meet in the best way the economy and environmental impact requirements.


In this section, Advocacia Waltenberg warns about the damages that excessive judicialization is bringing to the electricity sector.


The purpose of this section is to analyze the way the government has calculated the so-called structural generation overcapacity and the risk of deficit.

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