Issue 101 • May 2015

Regional Energy Integration: Is it worth insisting?


Energy connections between countries, subject of the Opinion section, is motivated by an article released by Acende Brasil Institute, with a critical analysis of the Brazilian power system connections with neighboring countries. Faced with the recent entry into operation of the connection between Chile and Argentina, PSR presents an alternative view for the following purposes: (i) analyze advantages and disadvantages based on experience with previous connections; (ii) describe new tools for analyzing connections; and (iii) divulge recent creation of regional planning international groups.


In this section we address the following topics: (i) energy auctions that will (or should) occur in 2015; (ii) the renewal of distribution concessions; (iii) Tariff Flag Meter; (iv) proposal for the 4th Cycle of Elektro Tariff Review.


The subject of this section is the difficult and time-consuming social-environmental negotiation of São Luiz do Tapajós hydro plant.


The topic of this section, prepared by Advocacia Waltenberg, addresses the inability of review by ANEEL Board of a matter already reconsidered by the authority which judged the contested decision.


This section features: (i) structural balance of energy and (ii) delays in construction of new supply for the horizon 2015-2019

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