Issue 102 • June 2015

Locational and temporal signals in the brazilian electric power system


This editorial analyzes the impact of a higher spatial and temporal detailing of economic signals (tariff for use of the transmission network and energy prices) to consumers, generators and planners. The potential benefit of these more detailed signals is due to the penetration of renewable generation (biomass, wind and solar) in medium voltage and should increase with the entry of distributed generation (solar, fuel cells etc.) and demand response at low voltage.


In this section we deal with: (1) "tariff flag meter"; (2) proposal for the 4th Tariff Review Cycle of CPFL Piratininga; (3) Public Hearing (AP) on ancillary services; (4) AP on transfer of Other Transmission Facilities to distribution utilities; and (5) A-3 Auction: requirements for wind power plants connection to the network.


The theme of this section is the economic and social importance of fish farming for consumption (aquaculture) in reservoirs.


This issue features the structural balance of energy, an analysis of delays in generation projects and our traditional “Delay Meter”.

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