Issue 103 • June 2015

El Niño 'Godzilla' and the electricity sector: winter is not coming?


The objectives of this editorial are: (i) to recall the impacts of El Niño 1997/1998 in different parts of the globe and in Brazil; and (ii) to show how this phenomenon can be considered in our medium and long-term operation planning models.


This section deals with: (1) tariff flag meter; (2) CMSE meeting and shutdown of thermal plants; (3) one more distortion in the calculation of the PLD; (4) guidelines for the A-5 auction of 2016; (5) continuation of the public call for distributed generation; (6) did the auctions fail? ; and (7) proposal for the 4th Cycle of Bandeirante Tariff Review.


In this section we discuss how to evaluate more accurately water demands – for example, consumption for irrigation increases if there is a drought - and how these demands can affect the electric power system operation.


This issue features the structural balance of energy, an analysis of delays in generation projects and our traditional “Delay Meter”.

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