Issue 104 • August 2015

The mystery of the disappearance of hydro plants reservoirs


In this section we analyze the reasons for the “demonization” of reservoirs and we show that the potential storage capacity of new projects was underestimated because inventory studies eliminated a priori this type of plant. Lastly, we show that new computational and methodological resources allow to re-examine inventories with agility and reduced costs.


In this section, we deal with: (1) tariff flag meter; (2) the second part of MP No.688; (3) hydroelectric plants auction; (4) review of physical guarantee of wind power plants; (5) implementation of injunctions concerning the CDE; (6) one less distortion in the PLD calculation; (7) guidelines for the A-1 auction of 2015; and (8) scheme for the 2nd reserve energy auction of 2015.


The main topic analyzed in this issue is the charge for water use and the environmental quality of river basins. Also, we comment on Belo Monte environmental license(denied).


In this section, we present updated supply security analyses.

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