Issue 106 • October 2015

Setting upright again the electricity sector, part 1: capacity and security


In this and in the next ER issues we will discuss possible adjustments in the sector's model. In this issue, we analyze the subject of firm capacity and supply security. The next subjects will be: (i) pricing and impact of risk-aversion mechanisms on hydro generators; (ii) participation of the free market in expanding the supply; and (iii) adaptation of distribution activity to the insertion of distributed generation and demand response.


In this section we analyze: (1) daylight saving time 2015/16; (2) proposal for a new energy MCSD; (3) auction of hydro plants concessions; (4) why auctions are always postponed; and (5) distribution facilities for the Olympic Games.


The topics of this issue are: the drought of Paraíba do Sul River, Rio de Janeiro water quality and security for the Olympic Games.


This issue features updated balance of demand and structural energy supply for the coming years, including our traditional delay meter.

Electronically published since 2006, the PSR Energy Report is a monthly newsletter developed by PSR, whose main objective is to present a comprehensive and current analysis of regulatory, legal issues, water resources and environment and supply of the electricity sector in Brazil.