Issue 108 • December 2015

Unraveling the model of the electricity sector: the transmission issue


In this third chapter of proposals for improving the sector model, we analyze the reasons for failures of transmission auctions and the effectiveness of recent government measures.


The topics of this section are: (1) MP No. 688 was finally converted into law; have we reasons to celebrate?; (2) public hearing discusses A-5 auction of 2016... and ordinances alter its guidelines; (3) more stimulus for mini and micro generation; (4) review of physical guarantees is postponed again, and there are indications of serious distortions in the methodology to be used when this revision occurs; (5) review of physical guarantees of hydroelectric plants outside the centralized dispatch; and (6) to close the year, a new Provisional Measure for the Electricity Sector...


In this section we revisit the “water war” between Rio and São Paulo in the Paraíba do Sul basin.


This issue features the updated balance of demand and structural energy supply for the coming years, including our traditional delay meter.

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