Issue 111 • March 2016

Auctions with a 12 gw generation margin: logical or crazy?


We analyze in this issue the government’s apparent contradiction in announcing a 12,000 avg.MW generation surplus and, at the same time, auctioning new capacity.


In this section we deal with: (1) decree shifts the boundary between transmission and distribution; (2) new rules for the calculation of physical guarantees of plants; (3) new rules for registration in new energy auctions; and (4) two reserve energy auctions have been scheduled.


The topic of this issue is the plight of Indian peoples in the Amazon region.


This new section provides information about relevant events in about forty countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa in which we operate. The debut themes are generation auctions in Peru and Mexico.


This issue presents the update balance of energy demand and structural supply for the coming years, including our traditional delay meter.

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