Issue 112 • April 2016

ONS and computer model: Is it time to discuss (again) the relation?


In this section we analyze the possible reasons for the recent discrepancies between ONS operative guidelines and the economic signals of the official operating model, such as the activation of thermal power plants with 600 R$/MWh CVU when the operation marginal cost (CMO) was zero.


In this section we deal with: (1) ANEEL’s regulatory agenda; (2) obstacles to ANEEL’s actions; (3) transmission causes concern on two fronts; (4) (finally) the decision on compensation for pre-2000 transmission assets; (5) again, the review of small hydroelectric plants’ physical guarantees; (6) revocation of Bertin’s authorizations; (7) one more change on guidelines of A-5 auction of 2016; and (8) one more public hearing on distribution utilities’ energy surpluses.


In this issue we make some reflections on COP 21, extreme events and conflicts over water use.


In this issue we analyze the results of Mexico’s first generation auction and the delicate supply situations in Colombia and Argentina.


This issue presents the update balance of energy demand and structural supply for the coming years, including our traditional delay meter.

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