Issue 114 • June 2016

São Francisco Flow Rate: A Matter That Continues To Make US Sleepless


In this issue we analyze a matter that continues to make us sleepless – low flow rates observed in São Francisco River – and their impact on the effectiveness of using probabilistic flow models and the reduction of minimum outflow restriction.


In this section we deal with: (1) a provisional measure is converted into law... (2) ... while another provisional measure is published; (3) defaults on CCEARs; and (4) a novelty in an ANEEL public consultation.


The purpose of this section is, starting from the imbroglio of São Luiz do Tapajós, to propose ways to seek greater rationality between energy and environment.


In this issue, two questions relating to renewable energy in Germany are analyzed: (i) the challenges faced due to the high penetration of these sources in the energy matrix of that country; and (ii) the results of solar energy auctions.


This issue presents the updated balance of energy demand and structural supply for the coming years, including our traditional delay meter.

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