Analysis of the impact of photovoltaic distributed generation in distribution systems using multiple generation scenarios with intra-hour discretization

Camila Schuck Corrêa, UFRJ – BSc

The global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and adopt sustainable technologies for countries’ energetic development have driven the expansion of renewable energy sources and distributed generation. As a result, new challenges were introduced in the planning and operation of the electricity sector, mainly due to the intermittency of renewable sources and the presence of generation sources nearby consumption centers. Thereby, it is essential to analyze the effects of distributed generation based on renewable energy sources on electrical distribution networks. It is important to consider the variability and uncertainty of renewable energy sources in these analyses, in order to better capture the effect of distributed generation in the electrical system. Therefore, this work proposes to develop a methodology for the analysis of electrical distribution networks with photovoltaic distributed generation insertion, using multiple generation scenarios with intra-hour discretization. The methodology developed uses the OpenDSS software and the Python programming language as a base to perform three-phase power flow simulations and probabilistic analysis of the results.

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