The use of modern techniques of information technology to process and analyze large amount of data has been increasingly necessary to monitor the rapidly evolving complexity of electricity generation problems. PSR’s computing environments are support tools to our models that uses modern techniques of Big Data and cloud computing to improve the organization and efficiency in carrying out simulations and energy studies.

PSR Cloud – Cloud computing tool

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The problem of power generation systems evolved from private, local regions where they were intended to meet the demand, to meet global demands using large generators, located at strategic points and supported by a distribution network of large capillarity. Similarly, we are at the point in which high-performance computing that implies high costs of hardware, software, and specialized personnel, is leaving corporate data centers and moving to specialized data centers. Such professional data centers provide a processing capacity, bandwidth, energy supply, support, and investments in hardware and software at a cost unmatched. This mode of computing is what is being called as cloud computing.

PSR has developed a platform to manage the remote execution of hydrothermal dispatch simulation models in a distributed environment, in such a way that users do not need to have the required infrastructure to achieve this goal. This platform is named PSR Cloud, currently offering thousands of processors.

General Architecture

The data communication (model input and output files) are carried out between the local user computer and the remote servers which are allocated to the user execution, with neither PSR interference nor going through PSR servers.

PSR Cloud is charged as a pay-per-run service. The charge is done in a pre-paid fashion, that is, users obtain credits in advance to be used in their executions. The cost of each run is decremented from the current user balance.

Click here to download a folder describing in more details the platform.

What is the service reliability?

The processing capacity is offered within the relation PSR has with Amazon has emerged as an important global provider of processing capacity, having one of the largest data centers in the world. The availability of Amazon’s platform meets the most rigorous international standards and, currently, Amazon is the biggest processing provider.

PSR has recently had its Cloud Computing experience published on Amazon’s website as a case study. Check out the details at:

Furthermore, PSR has been certified by Amazon as a Solution Provider of Amazon’s EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing). The details can be found at:

How to get started?

PSR Cloud installation is straightforward. Initially, it is necessary to download and install the PSR Cloud Client module.

Enabling the user in the service, once having the program installed, is very simple: the user registers him on our website, creating a login and password. After that, he submits the login created to requesting his activation on the service.

When the user opens the PSR Cloud Client, he will add cases, through a simple and intuitive interface, and select:

  • the model that will be run (SDDP - the user must have a license for the model that will be used),
  • the number of processors to be used,
  • the folder on the local computer where the case data lie (and to where the results after execution will be downloaded)

When the execution is launched, the input data is automatically sent to the servers allocated for that particular execution in the cloud. After the execution, the output files will be downloaded to the selected local folder.

Send an email to asking for any further information about the service.