PSR carries out integrated assessments of energy markets in its technical, economic and regulatory dimensions; offering market agents a high value added product that combines deep domain that PSR has on the mathematical modeling of energy markets and its extensive experience with practical and regulatory aspects of different countries.

Regulatory Advice

For agents interested in entering into international markets, PSR offers this kind of study, which aims not only to present an overview of the energy market in a country, detailing physical and regulatory aspects of the generation, commercialization and consumption, but also to provide an analysis of the opportunities and threats for the insertion and the perspectives of possible regulatory changes in the future.

These regulatory studies are a way to accomplish a synthetic comparison between the regulatory environments of different countries – or between possible strategies of action in a single country market – and aim to provide the basis for customers’ decision-making. PSR has carried out this type of advice in several countries, e.g., Brazil, Turkey, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, among others; supported by a network of local partners.