PSR carries out integrated assessments of energy markets in its technical, economic and regulatory dimensions; offering market agents a high value added product that combines deep domain that PSR has on the mathematical modeling of energy markets and its extensive experience with practical and regulatory aspects of different countries.

Technology Insertion

The insertion of alternative energy sources in energy markets has been increasingly the interest of agents and regulators, occupying a central role in the sector planning activity. PSR’s participation in this activity has been based on the provision of market design services and investment analysis for pioneering investors and regulators, tailor-made for such new technologies.

PSR has a long track record of participation in initiatives for the inclusion of new technologies in the Brazilian energy matrix, seeking to anticipate major movements of an inexistent market due to potential regulatory actions.

Below are listed some examples of PSR’s participation in the insertion of new technologies:

  • Achievement of pioneering studies for the insertion of photovoltaic solar technology in Brazil, culminating in reports presented to policy makers in 2011;
  • A series of studies into the feasibility of integration and synergies between conventional generation technologies (hydro and thermal) and several alternative technologies (wind, solar, biomass);
  • Achievement of prospective studies on the economic viability of energy recovery for electricity generation (waste-to-energy);
  • Participation in the planning of Brazilian Program of Bioelectricity in 2004 in order to develop a business model for the integrated production of alcohol, sugar, electricity and carbon credits;
  • Also regarding biomass source, PSR has advised more than twenty major producers of sugarcane and energy in the development of cogeneration from biomass and the development of business plans in the industry; culminating in the sale of hundreds of MW under long-term contracts in the energy auctions.