PSR carries out integrated assessments of energy markets in its technical, economic and regulatory dimensions; offering market agents a high value added product that combines deep domain that PSR has on the mathematical modeling of energy markets and its extensive experience with practical and regulatory aspects of different countries.

Integrated Energy Planning

PSR has extensive experience in integrated planning studies for expansion of electricity and gas in a variety of settings and market designs - be it regional, national, or involving multiple countries. The main customers for this type of study are investors, government agencies, and multilateral institutions like the World Bank.

Some examples of PSR’s participation in integrated studies of expansion:

  • Colombia: integrated power generation planning, transmission and gas;
  • Brazil: power generation and transmission studies (only the main interconnections);
  • Venezuela: power generation and transmission studies (only the main interconnections);
  • Bolivia: power generation and transmission studies;
  • Central-America (integration of six countries): power generation and regional interconnections;
  • Balkans (Integration of ten countries): regional interconnections;
  • El Salvador: transmission studies;
  • Panamá: transmission studies.