PSR carries out integrated assessments of energy markets in its technical, economic and regulatory dimensions; offering market agents a high value added product that combines deep domain that PSR has on the mathematical modeling of energy markets and its extensive experience with practical and regulatory aspects of different countries.

Market Price and Tariff Forecasts

PSR offers electricity price forecasting studies in Brazil for all of its relevant electricity markets in the short-, mid-, and long-term. This product provides the client with an evaluation of supply and demand and a perspective of the future evolution of electricity spot prices, free market prices and electricity tariffs in the regulated market. The projections are carried out using premises from an internal database and a chain of computational models and proprietary methodologies that represent in great detail all the operating aspects and procedures that affect the electricity prices, as well as the commercial rules and dynamics of each market. The tariff projections are carried out for each distribution company, voltage level and load profile selected by the client. Results are presented in a probabilistic framework and under a risk analysis standpoint, in order to contribute to the client’s decision making.