PSR has been continuously advising many companies and investors in generation, trading and distribution in issues such as business analysis and contract negotiation (E&G), analysis of E&G supply perspectives, evolution of future energy prices, development of strategies in energy auctions the feasibility E&G and biofuel projects.

Investment Analysis

PSR provides probabilistic analysis to evaluate power generation & transmission investments under uncertainty. These analyses include the pricing of relevant uncertainties when evaluating different investment options using a scenario-based approach that provides investors with an analytical framework to assess power investments. The risk x return aspect is also considered when comparing different generation options and in the evaluation of portfolios that include different types of technologies and of risk x return profiles. PSR has carried out several large investment analysis studies in South America, including the acquisition of Brazil’s generation companies (Gerasul (5700 MW), CESP Tietê (2600 MW), Cesp Paranapanema (2300 MW) and CESP Paraná (7500 MW)), analysis of hydro and thermal projects in Brazil, of electric interconnections and gas pipelines between Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil, and evaluation of hydro versus imported LNG projects. Since 2004, PSR has been assisting investors in new generation capacity in Brazil, providing them with consulting services and software tools for investment analysis under uncertainty and formulation of bidding strategies for the Brazilian system contract auctions.