PSR has been continuously advising many companies and investors in generation, trading and distribution in issues such as business analysis and contract negotiation (E&G), analysis of E&G supply perspectives, evolution of future energy prices, development of strategies in energy auctions the feasibility E&G and biofuel projects.

Asset Valuation

PSR has carried out valuations of major companies in the Brazilian power industry, involving assets in distribution, generation and retailing. The clients included pension funds, shareholders and potential buyers. Among the companies whose assets were evaluated, we can mention CPFL Energia (4 Discos with more than 6 million clients in total, 5 Gencos with 1900 MW of total installed capacity and one trader); EDP (2 Discos with more than 7.5 million clients in total, 1700 MW of total installed generation capacity and one trader); Neoenergia (3 Discos with more than 8 million clients, 3 Gencos with 1300 MW total installed capacity and one trader); and Elektro (almost 2 millon clients).