PSR has been continuously advising many companies and investors in generation, trading and distribution in issues such as business analysis and contract negotiation (E&G), analysis of E&G supply perspectives, evolution of future energy prices, development of strategies in energy auctions the feasibility E&G and biofuel projects.

Support for Energy Auctions

PSR has been supporting generators and investors in their participation in the existing and new energy auctions in Brazil by offering consulting services and decision support tools. The main services offered are: (i) workshop about the auction’s regulatory aspects, including an analysis of the terms of the contract, penalties and risks; (ii) economic and financial evaluation of generation projects under uncertainty regarding some key parameters (production, investment, delay in completion, etc); (iii) evaluation of competitors; (iv) auction demand forecast; (v) bidding strategy; (vi) modeling and analysis of self-production benefits; and (vii) economic, financial and regulatory support during the whole auction process.