PSR has an extensive experience in studies related to water resources and environment. The multidisciplinary characteristic of our team contributes to a comprehensive in-depth approach. These studies have been prepared for investors, government and multilateral agencies, electricity trading companies, regulatory agencies, watershed committees and universities/research centres.

Environmental Studies

PSR activities in the environmental area:

  • Integrated Environmental Assessment (IEA) in river basins
  • Environmental due diligence
    • Environmental risk assessment and risk of damage to corporate image
    • Risks for budgets and schedule overruns related to the environmental programs
    • Environmental assessment following the "Equator Principles"
  • Environmental Impact Assessment - EIA preparation and technical support during the environmental licensing process
  • Environmental control and monitoring programs
  • Carbon
    • Evaluation of greenhouse emissions for the power sector
    • New methodology preparation in the context of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol
  • GIS and spatial data analysis
    • Preliminary environmental characterization along transmission lines corridors (known as "R3 report" in Brazil)
    • Elaboration of thematic maps (diagnosis and environmental sensitivity evaluation)