PSR has an extensive experience in studies related to water resources and environment. The multidisciplinary characteristic of our team contributes to a comprehensive in-depth approach. These studies have been prepared for investors, government and multilateral agencies, electricity trading companies, regulatory agencies, watershed committees and universities/research centres.

Water Resources

PSR's activities in Water Resources area include:

  • Elaboration of Water Resources Master Plans
  • Hydroelectric Inventory Studies in Brazil (following ANEEL guidelines) and abroad, through our first-assessment ("pre-inventory") approach based on the computational model HERA and public databases, such as NASA's SRTM for topography
  • Modeling
    • Water resources
    • Hydrodynamic models (water quality, sediment transportation, etc.)
    • Hydrological modeling (eg. Rainfall to runoff models)
    • Impacts of Climate Change in water resources availability and hydropower
    • Water-energy nexus
    • Evaluation of environmental constraints for the operation of reservoir
  • Hydrological/Energetic studies
    • Hydrological forecast
    • Generation of synthetic inflow scenarios
    • Hydroelectric studies for designing of hydropower plants (installed capacity determination)
    • Data consistency analysis
    • Revision of the Physical Guarantee of Small Hydro Plants (Brazil)
  • Studies for the determination of water demands