Mario Veiga Pereira

Has a BSc in EE and MSc / DSc degrees in OR. He is PSR’s founder and president, and has been involved in the following areas: E&G; market reform - In the market reform area, Dr. Pereira has been an advisor to Brazil, Chile, China, the six countries of Central America, Colombia, Peru, Turkey and Venezuela. In Brazil, Dr. Pereira has been an advisor to the regulator, National System Operator; and Wholesale Energy Market. He was also the principal advisor to the Ministry-level committee that managed the 2001 energy supply crisis; to the Presidential committee that investigated the causes of rationing; and to the Energy Minister on post-rationing reforms. Since 2003, with the government change, Dr. Pereira has been a special advisor to the new Energy Minister on E&G; issues. In particular, he has been directly involved in the design and implementation of the energy contracting auctions for discos, which since 2004 have resulted in the award of US$ 60 billion in contracts to generation investors. Market studies - Dr. Pereira has been a principal architect of Brazil’s Bioelectricity program, for private investment in several thousand MWs of competitive cogeneration from sugarcane-based ethanol. He has also coordinated several valuation studies of generation and distribution assets, and investment analysis of new generation and transmission projects, gas pipelines and international G&E; interconnections. Model development - Dr. Pereira developed the well-known stochastic dual DP methodology, used by the National System Operator for the dispatch of Brazil’s 95 GW hydrothermal generation systems; and by the Wholesale Energy Market for the calculation of spot prices. He also contributed to the development of mathematical decomposition techniques used in integrated resource planning, risk management; and physical / financial port-folio optimization. Lecturing/academic - Dr. Pereira has been an invited speaker on power sector issues in almost all Latin American countries, plus Austria, Canada, China, France, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and USA. He was a professor of electrical engineering at PUC-Rio; a visiting professor at the IIT, in Spain; and has authored four books and two hundred papers in refereed journals and conferences. Dr. Pereira received the Franz Edelman Award from the American Operations Research Society for his work on hydrothermal coordination in Brazil; the Rio Branco Medal, from Brazil’s Presidency, for his contributions to the country’s power sector; and is an elected member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.