Mario Veiga Pereira

Mario Pereira is the CEO of PSR, a provider of analytical tools and consulting services in electricity and natural gas in more than 70 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific ( In Brazil, he has advised most international and local investors on contracting strategies, acquisitions and investment in new capacity. He was also the principal Presidential advisor in the management of the 2001 energy crisis and in the design of the 2004 new power market rules. He was the lead formulator of the country’s energy contracting auctions (80 GW of new generation capacity contracted since 2005, for about US$ 550 billion); co-designed the country’s bioelectricity program (sugarcane biomass); and developed methodologies for wind energy auctions. Some of his recent international activities include the development of the new generation planning model for the US Pacific Northwest; studies for renewable integration in Chile; a price forecasting system for the Scandinavian Nordpool; the interconnection study of 15 Latin American countries; and the power market reform of Turkey, Vietnam and Mexico. In the modeling area, Dr. Pereira has developed the SDDP stochastic hydrothermal scheduling methodology, used by Brazil’s National System Operator and applied in dozens of countries countries worldwide, as well as novel methods for optimal expansion planning and supply reliability evaluation. Dr. Pereira is an electrical engineer and has a PhD in optimization. He is an IEEE Fellow; an elected member of Brazil’s Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering; was awarded a Presidential Medal for his contribution to Brazil’s electricity sector; a Scientific Merit Medal for his research contributions; and is a co-recipient of the Franz Edelman Award for the development of stochastic optimization tools for the operation of hydrothermal systems. He is the author and co-author of four books and about 200 papers in refereed journals.