Daniela Bayma


She has BSc in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Power Systems from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and has a MSc in Energy Systems from COPPE (UFRJ). During graduation, she studied for one year at North Carolina State University. She joined PSR in 2015, where she was initially involved in the product area, testing and analyzing models of electrical systems.

She is specialist in energy systems of several countries and her activities include:

i) Participation in expansion planning projects for generation and transmission of Brazil and other electrical systems (such as Chile and Colombia).

ii) Regulatory advice to investors who have transmission assets in Brazil.

iii) Participation in studies of connection of new agents in the transmission network.

iv) Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the impacts of distributed energy resources in the distribution network.

v) Reliability analysis of electrical systems with stochastic representation of renewable energy sources.