Andréa Alzuguir

Andréa joined PSR in 2017, where currently she works as a project manager of electricity and gas regulatory affairs. Among her main activities, the following stand out: (i) regulatory due diligence; (ii) strategic business planning; (iii) evaluation of strategies for supplying electric energy; (iv) research and development projects; (v) technical support in arbitration proceedings or legal proceedings; (vi) regulatory advisory services for the electric sector value chain, in addition to investors, national and international. She also participates in the coordination of PSR technical events and workshops.

Before that, she worked in regulation and market studies at Celer Comercializadora de Energia, being responsible for regulatory and energy monitoring of the sector. She was also responsible for short-, medium- and long-term price analysis, using optimization models such as Newave and Decomp. Previously, she worked as an intern in the macroeconomic research area at Banco BTG Pactual.

She has a master's degree in electrical engineering with an emphasis on decision support methods, having a degree in this same area, both from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

She is passionate about gastronomy, loving recipes that bring improbable mixes, especially incorporating elements from her small home garden.