Rodrigo Novaes

Has a BsC in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), where he also worked in R&D projects related to hydrothermal dispatch and energy planning focused on the Brazilian power system. He joined the PSR's Energy Market Analysis team in April 2018, where his work focused on the Brazilian power sector - price and GSF forecasts, energy supply & demand analysis and hourly prices. In 2020 he joined the Investment Analysis team, to work with the financial quantification of risks in the electricity sector and portfolio optimization. His work also involves elements of economic regulation and fundamentals of energy markets, such as mechanisms for pricing emissions and market design. He is an instructor of the “Hourly Prices” course, offered in partnership with the Energy Studies and Training Center (CTEE). Rodrigo also has considerable knowledge about hydrothermal scheduling, unit commitment dispatch and expansion planning of electric power systems. After graduating, he completed the course “The Regulation of the Power Sector” by the Florence School of Regulation, edition 2019/20 and also the course “Economics of Energy and the Environment”, by the University of California, held in september 2020. Prior to PSR, he worked as an analyst at the electricity trading company Nova Energia.