André Dias

André Dias joined PSR in 2003. He currently coordinates the development, training, and support of models in the short-term operation area (daily / weekly horizon, 5-minute to hourly resolution), both for use in operation control and dispatch centers (NCP), as integrated with medium- and long-term operating models (SDDP). He has instructed several courses on these topics in more than twenty countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas.

The engineer Dias is also one of the main responsible for the development of the new operational planning system of the West Coast of the United States, redeveloped GENESYS, for the Northwest Power Planning and Environment Council (NWPCC) and of several models used in PSR studies, such as: calculation of the firm energy of hydroelectric plants using non-linear optimization (MONALISA); calculation of the probability of decreeing a rationing (RISK); calculation of the firm power of hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants (PFLP); management and simulation model of river basins (PARSUL); co-optimization of purchase contracts, transport logistics and fuel storage for thermoelectric power plants (MOCCA); environmental assessment of water potential (HERA), among others.

He has a BSc in electrical engineering from UFRJ, MSc in energy planning from COPPE / UFRJ and an MBA in corporate finance from FGV.