Gabriel Cunha

Gabriel Cunha has a Doctorate in Economics, an MSc in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in Energy Planning, and a double-degree BSc in Engineering. He is currently a project manager in PSR, where his main areas of activity and research have involved the analysis and modeling of international electricity markets, economics of power systems, energy policy and market design. Gabriel has extensive knowledge of international electricity markets, and his experience has spanned more than 30 countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Vietnam, Turkey, Canada, and Panama. Gabriel’s policy and regulatory work has involved topics such as the energy transition, the design of electricity markets and reliability mechanisms, the analysis of auction schemes applied to energy markets, and the response of agents to economic incentives, in particular in the context of distributed energy services. He also has extensive technical expertise in the mathematical modeling of the system planner’s optimal expansion problem, the system operator’s optimal dispatch problem, and financial modeling and risk assessments from an investor’s point of view.