Gabriel Cunha

Gabriel Cunha has an MSc in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in Energy Planning, and BScs in Chemical Engineering and in Engineering of Energy Systems. He is currently an analyst and project manager in PSR, where his main areas of activity have involved the analysis of international electricity markets, market modelling, and policy design. Gabriel’s work has spanned multiple countries – in the past years, he has worked in Brazil, Turkey, Vietnam, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama, El Salvador, and Mexico for various projects.

Gabriel’s policy and regulatory work has been concentrated on the areas of (i) renewable fostering schemes, particularly in the context of distributed generation and auction implementations; (ii) the design of capacity adequacy mechanisms, including a breakdown of fundamental principles and international practical experiences; (iii) analysis of auction schemes applied to energy markets; and (iv) interactions between the economy, the energy sector, and regulation. In the context of market modelling, his activities have encompassed (i) integrated electricity market simulation studies, involving detailed system representations; (ii) probabilistic cash flow analysis and risk management strategies; (iii) considerations on risk aversion and its consequences for generators, contract portfolios, and society as a whole; and (iv) discussion of likely drivers of future prices, key uncertainties and vulnerabilities (critical risks).